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When I was 12 years old.  I always had a love for pictures because I was never in them.  Weird, right?  I can remember being as young as 5 years old and daydreaming about who my birth family was or who my future family might be one day.  I would use my camera to write the story that I would one day tell my future kids.  That one day is here.  And I am still writing.



More About Tash

I am one half of Ike and Tash, a husband and wife wedding and portrait photography team based in Tacoma, Washington.  


I have 20+ years of experience working in youth development for local non-profits.  After graduating with my Master's in Public Action, I realized how passionate I am about leadership development, community engagement and outreach.   I connect with and inspire others as a speaker and coach using  my personal stories, life experience and innovative approach to problem solving.

I believe deeply in the idea of community and know that it is in sharing our stories that we all grow and find commonality.  When we know that others have gone before us, we have a road map and feel empowered to do the same. 



In my free time, I love picnics in the park, charcuterie and tea parties, writing, traveling, and hanging out with my friends and family...  and ice cream, so much ice cream.  I have also been known to never turn down a taco.  It's always taco Tuesday. 


Despite the way my life started, I am living a life I never imagined and I want to encourage and show others that with a little hard work and determination they can see their dreams realized and live the life of freedom they have always wanted. 


I hope that you will stick around as I share my  journey around entrepreneurship, faith, motherhood and travel, and that you will, in turn share yours (basically, please talk back and comment on my posts! LOL). 

The Shop Coming Soon...

"without courage, wisdom bears no fruit."

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