Tash's Travel Tips: Want To Plan A Surprise Vacation? Pack Up + Go & Our Seattle Staycation

I don't know if you are like me, but 2020 has thrown a lot of curve balls, but the one that has had the biggest impact on me has been being able to get out and travel.

The thing my family misses most since in our "new normal" has begun, is our ability to get out and go, explore and see the world.

Travel is a huge part of our value system as a family. We generally travel every 4-6 weeks and have made it a habit to go international once a year, so being in the house for the last 7 months had us itching to get out.

Why Do You Need A Staycation?

Because I am six-months pregnant and considered high-risk (depending on who you talk to) cross-country/international adventures aren't the most ideal, but one thing I failed to consider was a staycation. Staycations are incredible and can be ideal for times like these because they allow you to getaway and experience a vacation without traveling too far, while keeping you safe and they also boost the local economy, helping those businesses and industries that depend on tourism to survive and have taken a huge hit.

We recently had the opportunity to have a *surprise* staycation planned FOR US by Pack Up + Go and it was the perfect combination of adventure and getaway. It was so nice to have someone else plan the staycation, since I have so much going on as a busy mama of 2.5, and my only responsibility was to pack our bags and to show up.

How Does A Surprise Staycation Work?

You might be wondering, "How does a surprise staycation work anyway?"

Great question. It's really quite easy.

Step 1: Head on over to Pack Up + Go and "Book Your Adventure." You can choose from 4 different options: Plane/Train Trips, Road Trips, Outdoor Trips or Staycations.

Step 2: Get an idea of your budget. Budgets are determined by your departure date, number of nights, number of hotel rooms, and departing airport (when applicable). Describe your travel history, your interests, your travel preferences and then select your budget per person!

Step 3: Fill out a survey describing your favorite things to do as a couple, family, solo vacationer, dietary restrictions, and needs

Step 4: Watch Pack Up + Go get to work and receive an envelope in the mail one week before departure with all the details of your trip!

If you are a little nervous about being surprised and like a little more control, a staycation option might be a really great place to start because you are close enough to home and it's generally a shorter time period with minimal effort on your part.

My family had an incredible staycation and would 100% opt into doing this again. You can read a bit more about our experience below.

Our Surprise Seattle Staycation Experience with Pack Up + GO and Kimpton Palladian Hotel

We woke up last Wednesday, went about our day as normal and while Ike and the girls went through their normal routine of work and remote learning, I secretly packed our bags up to head out at the end of the day for our surprise staycation. The best part about this trip was not only was where we were going a total surprise but the fact that my family had no idea we were doing it was the icing on the cake.

I gathered my family into the living room, told them I had this surprise staycation planned and shared the envelope that we all opened together at the same time, right before we loaded up the car and departed. The girls were thrilled and we were all so excited to see where we would be staying, what we would be doing and to have a fun adventure under our belt and few days break from our daily routine.