UP NEXT: A Virtual "Pop-Up" Shopping Experience

At this point, it's been about 7-months since most of us have been stuck at home. We have watched holidays come and go, special moments adjusted for the NEW "safer" versions of them, and the way we do life has changed, for now.

One of my favorite things to do during summer is search local thrift stores, visit boutiques and charge toward my local street fairs, art shows and pop up shops.

I LOVE small business so much because I know the impact that supporting and purchasing has on the life of the owner because I am one. Small investment often times = BIG return, which is why I was thrilled with the ladies of UPNEXT reached out to me to co-host their "Endless Summer" Virtual Pop-Up alongside Ana Christie (another influencer).

How does a Virtual Pop Up Work? You Ask.

UPNEXT partners with small brands and businesses to facilitate matchmaking to form creative collaborations with influencers and/or communities, which then allows those same businesses to test the market, launch their concept and build their brand. As a result of that, we get these really incredible virtual pop-up markets with products that we've never been exposed to before, available to us for purchase.

I love this concept because now more than ever it is imperative that we support our makers and artisans, our local restaurants and shops, our entrepreneurs, so that they can come out of Covid-19 fully able to operate and support the families and the communities that rely on them to serve.

Working with these brands has been such an rewarding opportunity. I have found products I didn't know I needed, made connections with small business owners and had things created and developed with my particular needs in mind AND that's the beauty of small business.

When you purchase from a small business....

more often than not, your product is being handmade by a Craftsperson.  Your purchase is being packaged and mailed by a person, not a machine. The Artisans, the Makers who have created these products with heart and their audiences in mind are commitment to quality and their intention to design is something that will bring joy to their customers, and it is unmatched.

This is why I am overjoyed to share these brands with you, what I love about each of them and the special offers they have EXCLUSIVELY for you!


What I love most about Swedish Jealousy, besides the fact that they are a brand that are Paraben-free, cruelty-free and gluten-free and comes in killer packaging is the story behind the product. The diversity and the friendship and the fact that its women owned.  I absolutely love that they found the perfect lipstick shade that works on every skin tone and that in their package you can find one color for the week (to get you through Monday and Friday) and one color for the weekend, when its time to turn up and party and life is a little more exciting!  I have loved trying it out and look forward to continuing to follow the brand.

Use code "UPNEXT" for 10% off your next purchase.


One of my favorite brands from this pop up has been Weather & Story. I love the heart and thoughtfulness that Lainey, the owner, has put into creating a brand that tells our stories and can "weather" the storms of life. She sells handmade leather goods that are thoughtfully handcrafted, sourced with the most ethical materials and and every single product is made by hand with a lifetime guarantee.

My most favorite part about the bags, camera straps, leather goods she makes, is that I know they will stand the test of time and will become heirlooms I can pass down to my own children one day.

To buy your own heirloom leather good, visit the site and use code "UPNEXT" for 15% off your next purchase.